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Choosing the Right Color Theme for your Instagram Feed

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Instagram Profile Picture

Since Instagram is a visual platform, we agree that a lot of a photo is worth the sentence. The accuracy of this has been proven with the most profile photos.

The profile photo affects Instagram users, including whether or not to visit your profile. It is the first image that introduces your brand and who you are at the stage visited.

How to choose the most ideal profile? What should be considered?

1.Think of your image to represent your brand.

If you manage your company account, you may want to make your company or product logo profile picture at this point.

This can be a long-term investment and this will increase your brand awareness. Anyone who visits your page quickly meets your product and brand.

If you are reflecting yourself on your page as an influencer, you can choose to put your head photo. Because, if you want to sell ‘yourself’, you must be sure that you are fully reflecting yourself.

2. Don’t ignore the artistic features of your profile picture.

Note that your profile must create an integrity to succeed. Story highlights cover photos, photos you shared, etc. together with your profile photo.

We recommend that you have a specific color palette with which you have created your profile – make sure your profile picture is on the same palette.

A profile picture that makes you feel the same as your posts will make you more successful.

3. Keep your profile photo up to date.

In the middle of winter, a profile picture in a swimwear will not make you look professional, even arousing that you don’t use your profile regularly. Do not put a photo taken while decorating the Christmas tree if it is not a Christmas period.

If you use a profile picture to be thematic, you can keep that picture much longer. If you choose thematic photos, be sure to update them according to seasonal and seasonal conditions.

4. Pay attention to the size of your profile picture.

Do you know the ideal dimensions for your profile picture? If you don’t know, now’s the time to learn. A good profile picture should fit 110×110 square.

If you’re not sure about the size of your picture, don’t worry. You can test your Instagram profile photo from the ‘Change Profile Picture’ tab. Make sure your photo fits snugly into the circle. The remaining parts in the gray area will all be cut.

5. Pay attention to the background of your profile picture.

One of the most important points when making a background decision is to choose a background that will keep attention in the photo. If the background contains dense content, it will leave you in the shade.

Therefore, it is important to choose a background that highlights you and overlaps with the colors of your page.

6. Evaluate the items that reflect you.

If you are a photographer, how about using a profile picture taken with your camera? If you’re doing pie, would it be a good idea to take photos while holding one of your favorite cakes? It could definitely be a good idea.

Keep in mind that your profile picture should reflect you, who you are, and what you’re doing. You can make a photo shoot with the items that reflect you and evaluate your choice.

7. Be sure to fill in the circle reserved for the profile picture.

The circle allocated for the profile picture is actually not too big. And unfortunately, users cannot zoom in to see it up close. This is an important point.

If you decide to use your logo, your logo should appear as much as possible. Visiting your profile should not distract and be able to detect the logo.

If you have decided to use your own picture, select a photo in which your face is clearly visible. In this way, your followers can distinguish you from other accounts and know you closely.

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