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How to Create Instagram Stories Highlights Covers

Instagram story highlights are one of the features that take your Instagram profile and brand a step further. We know the importance of ensuring integrity in the profile. Creating cover photos for your story highlights can reach more viewers.

If you want to prepare cover photos for your story highlights that fit your brand’s profile, but you don’t know how, you’re reading the right article.

Why story highlights cover photo is important and what should be considered?

The fact that your story highlights appear as soon as your profile is opened is of great importance for the first impression your brand makes.

The good thing is that if these cover photos are prepared as intended, your conversion rate may increase unexpectedly.

1.Compatibility with your brand appearance

For your story highlights to be successful, you need to look professional in your cover photos. For this reason, you should consider the theme of your page when preparing. For example, if your profile has a minimalist look, you can prepare your story highlights cover photos to look the same. Even the font, color and design of the cover photos should be consistent with your profile in order to be compatible with the brand appearance.

2. Focus on design quality as well as content.

In addition to being visually pleasing and consistent, it is very important in content. Why should your followers watch the highlight?

A good story highlights makes it as easy and straightforward as possible to see what your followers will get from it. Descriptive story highlights are highlights that provide more clicks. So, make sure the story highlights cover photos are descriptive.

3. Make sure that story highlights are categorized in relation to each other.

We recommend that you use an icon in your story to cover story highlights. Thus, you can collect your linked content under the same title, you can easily add content later.

Don’t let your followers get confused. Your content, cover photo and icon that promote your content should form a whole and be very clear.

Spend time and attention to the cover photo while providing it. Remember that all story highlights cover photos will stand side by side. Therefore, preparing with a similar and pleasing design will add plus points to your profile.

What are the applications that make it easier?

One of the applications we can recommend is Over App. However, you will need to download the icon to your phone first. By combining your icon with the designs in the Over App, you can prepare your story highlights cover. If you can use photoshop program, you can prepare your cover photo through this kind of programs.

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