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Instagram Stories: The Complete Guide to Using Stories

Instagram stories are a feature that lets you share posts that your followers can watch and see for 24 hours. Unless you have highlight, they have a daily exposure time.

So how is this feature actually used?

Where to upload your stories?

You can upload your Instagram stories by clicking your profile picture or the camera icon on your feed page. Once you upload your story, a colorful circle will appear around your profile picture and fall into your followers feed.

Photo or Video Options

When you open your story upload page, you can take a photo by clicking the record button or press and hold this button to take 10 seconds of video. You can shoot type, live, boomerang, superzoom, rewind or hands-free videos using the options you see below the Record button.

Other story options

You will see other buttons in the same order as the Record button. Click on the Photo button to upload your most recent photos. You can turn the flash on and off using the Thunderbolt button, and turn the camera to yourself or vice versa using the arrow keys. You can use Instagram face filters by clicking the cute smiley icon in the same row.

Upload photos and videos taken 24 hours ago

By clicking the photo icon, you can upload photos and videos that you have previously taken from your camera roll as a story. Content taken 24 hours ago will be uploaded automatically with the date sticker. You can use this sticker or delete it before sharing.

Adding text, hashtags to stories and tagging accounts

Clicking anywhere in the story to share will bring up a text tool.

Font font and color you can correct as desired. You can add hashtags to your stories using the ‘#’ sign, and tag another account by adding the ‘@’ sign.

Remember that Instagram stories now have hashtag and location search. Thus, adding hashtag and location information to your stories can increase your engagement rate.

Do you like to use stickers in your Instagram stories?

While preparing your story, click the sticker mark in the upper right corner of the screen or swipe up the screen. Here you can add any sticker to your story. Color your story with location, emoji, poll or question stickers.

Share your stories with Instagram filters.

Also, Norway, New York, Paris … You can try filters of Instagram stories with different city names by swiping the screen to the right or left, and choose the one that best fits your story.

You are all set!

Your story is now ready to be shared. You can share your story in your profile by clicking Next. If you only want to share your story with the list of close friends you have already prepared, just click the star button at the bottom left.

Who watched my story?

Wondering how many people are watching your story and who is watching it?

After sharing your story, your profile picture will have a pink or green circle. Clicking on your picture will open your story. At this time, swipe up the screen. So you can see who’s watching your story.

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