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The Ultimate Guide to Scheduling Instagram Posts

Have you not yet created your schedule to share your Instagram posts in 2019? We should say that it is very important to make your own social media schedule at this time.

Because, a schedule that will be prepared by right effort will allow you to use your time more effectively, increase your productivity, and enable you to network better with your followers.

So, what should you pay attention to while you make your program? What features should be considered? Are Instagram analytics critical when preparing a sharing schedule? In this article we will share these details with you.

1. Discover the best sharing time

The times when the followers of each account are active are different. Therefore, when creating a post schedule, you have to control the time period in which your own audience is active.

If you do not take this information into consideration, your engagement rate may decrease and you may not receive as many comments and likes as you would expect in your posts. Sharing when your audience is most active will help your account grow. Because the Instagram algorithm gives priority to posts with high engagement rates. If you’re aware of the latest updates on Instagram, you’ve also noticed that it pays attention to when posts are shared.

So, how can you find out when your followers are most active?

Enter the Insights tab by clicking the button at the top right of your profile. In this section, you can review when your followers are active and decide your post sharing time accordingly. In the meantime, we would like to remind you that only business account users have access to these analyzes.

2. Focus on your content

After you decide which days and hours to share, it’s time for content planning. What will you share on your chosen days and times?

If you are creating your Instagram content alone, you can set your own shooting days. Preparing many photos will also help you to prepare your sharing schedule. This allows you to decide which posts to share and how to compose when preparing a post schedule.

3. Decide how you want your Instagram feed to appear.

You’ve determined when your followers are most online, you’ve accumulated them in the post for your shares, now it’s what your feed will look like.

We know that your Instagram feed reflects the identity of your brand and is very effective in deciding whether to follow Instagram users. For this reason, when preparing your sharing schedule, you should pay attention to the concept of which posts will come together and form a concept. Keep in mind that your entire feed should create harmony and ensure integrity.

4. Browse Scheduling Tools

Once you’ve set up your Instagram posts and set your sharing hours, you may want to ponder how to share your posts. You can find an automated tool to share on certain days and hours by doing internet research.

In particular, you should consider these tools if it is not realistic for you to share yourself on the specified days and times. Getting help from this type of tool will allow you to share on a regular basis.

5. Don’t forget the hashtags and captions.

One of the most time-consuming parts of a post share is caption and hashtag preparation. No matter how you share a photo, your followers will want to see a personalized message and content that reflects your brand. Quickly and hastily completed captions and hashtags can result in inefficiency.

It will help you to take the time to the Captions, select the most suitable hashtags for your photo and have it ready for your schedule.

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