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How Instagram Ranks Who Watched Your Stories

This is How Instagram Ranks Who Watched Your Stories

You are aware that this is one of the most frequently asked questions about the world of Instagram. Why is ‘he/she’ at the top of my story viewer list?

You think this is related to the stalk or number of profile visits?

Obviously the algorithm is a bit more complicated than that.

Contrary to what might be expected, Instagram does not list the viewers of your story according to stalking you or visiting your profile, or multiple followers of your story.

While Instagram lists your story viewers, the top-ranked ones are determined by both your interaction with other accounts and how much you control the story viewer list.

The people at the top of your story viewers list are the profiles you interact with the most. Unfortunately, there’s nothing more. Instagram shows these accounts in the first place because they know you care about them depending on your interaction with them.

If you check the list of people who follow your story repeatedly, the algorithm will show you new profiles each time and make these profiles from the ones you interact with the most.

What does interaction mean here?

In Instagram, many actions are considered as interaction. Profile visits, story tracking, liking and commenting on posts, responding to stories are the most prominent interaction movements. In the Story viewers list, you can see that the top people are those accounts that you often make the mentioned interactions comparing to other accounts.

Are your new followers on top? This is probably due to the ‘timeliness’ factor of Instagram. The ‘timeliness’ factor is an algorithm used to connect you with new ones, not old posts.

In addition, your interactions on Facebook affect who will appear on the list of followers in your story.

Of course, these are all theories, but it is a fact that they are the most accepted theories right now.

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